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A popular request in my real estate photography has been the "Glamour Shot" that companies can use for their marketing materials such as brochures, billboards or magazine advertisements.

For every photo shoot I do I take photos from the camera in RAW format and do basic edits such as:

-color correction

-setting an accurate white balance

-setting white and black points

-adjusting for any lens distortion

-reducing any blown out highlights, pulling up shadows

and the list goes on...

This is simply the basic edit process I apply to all of my projects. 

The "Glamour Shot" takes this process a step further and I spend extra time on making one or two of the photos really stand out by using Photoshop to do some advanced editing. 

What is the purpose of the glamour shot you ask?

The glamour shot is that "wow" shot that you can use to draw in potential clients. My customers have used them for a wide array of marketing materials such as magazine advertisements, tradeshow banners, Facebook and Instagram ads, Houzz portfolio covers and more. 

Have a look below to see what a photo looks like in RAW format (straight out of the camera), what a standard edit looks like, and what a "Glamour Shot" looks like. 

Straight out of camera (RAW format)

Standard Edit

The "Glamour Shot"

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me at or give me a call at 403-382-0788. 

Thank you!

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